Fri 20 Apr 2018 10:47

'Park will almost definitely be in North 1 West next season, outside factors permitting.
The teams coming down from North Premier are:- 
Birkenhead Park (West), 
Morley (East) and 
Pocklington (East) 
The teams up from North 1 West and North 1 East :-
are Vale of Lune (N1W) and Alnwick or Driffield (N1E)
The teams playing off for the 3rd spot will be Alnwick or Driffield v Northwich (or possibly Wilmslow) with Northwich or Wilmslow the away team.
If the teams to go up are Vale of Lune (N1W), Alnwick and Driffield (N1E) as seems likely, then the East-West balance of teams will be the same as this season and no 'Level Transfers' will be required.
If Northwich or Wilmslow win the playoff then the East-West balance will be too many teams in N1E and there will have to be a 'Level Transfer' of a N1E team to N1W. The team to transfer would probably be Huddersfield Y.M.C.A..
There should be no level transfer from N1W to N1E. That is how I see it. I could be wrong! 🤔
If there HAD been a level transfer from N1W to N1E then Broughton Park would have been a likely candidate with Rochdale no longer in N1W.
After a few calculations perhaps not, Google kindly provide a tool for this.  De La Salle, Glossop, Blackburn and Stockport have less travelling acording to Google Maps. Stockport by just 5 miles!
Travel distances to N1E from N1W, although I don't think it will happen.
1 De La Salle (Salford) 2163
2 Glossop 2180
3 Blackburn 2286
4 Burnage 2335
5 Stockport 2362
6 Broughton Park 2367
7 Manchester 2438
8 Wilmslow 2524
9 Warrington 2576
10 Northwich 2831
11 Firwood Waterloo 2962
12 Birkenhead Park 3037
13 Carlisle 3144
14 Douglas (I.O.M.) 4709
My guess at the teams in North 1 West next season. Just two long distance trips.
Birkenhead Park
Broughton Park
De La Salle
Douglas (I.O.M.)
Firwood Waterloo
Northwich  or Huddersfield YMCA.
Wilmslow or Huddersfield YMCA.

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