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All the blurb below is pure speculation on my part I could be spectacularly wrong.

By my calculations there are 15 teams in North 1 West and only 13 teams in North 1 East, which will mean that there will have to be a level transfer of one team from North 1 West to North 1 East. If a team doesn't volunteer then the team transferred across will be the team in North 1 West with the lowest total mileage (see definition below) to teams in North 1 East.

My guess at the teams in North 1 West and North 1 East is:-

North 1 West North 1 East
Altrincham Kersal Bradford & Bingley
Birkenhead Park Cleckheaton
Bowdon Driffield
Broughton Park Durham City
Burnage Huddersfield Y.M.C.A.
Douglas (I.O.M.) Malton and Norton
Firwood Waterloo Moortown
Kendal Morley
Keswick Percy Park
Northwich Pocklington
Penrith Scarborough
Stockport West Hartlepool
Vale of Lune York

The RFU's definition of the lowest total mileage is:-

"Lowest Total Mileage is calculated as the sum total of the single journeys in each direction as calculated by the Club Mileage Spreadsheet via Google Maps on default settings. This shall be the quickest route, as calculated by the Google Maps software, in each direction. Any Club whose mileage when reduced by 2% is equal to or less than that of the Club with the Lowest Total Mileage shall be regarded as having an ‘Identical Lowest Total Mileage’. In the absence of a ground postcode then the nearest postcode available for identifying the location of the ground as determined by the DOC will be used with a manual adjustment made if necessary"

If a club's mileage reduced by 2% is less than the lowest then they are regarded as identical.

My calculations for the lowest total mileage are:-

Original League dist to => N1E Reduced by 2%
Regarded as Identical to the lowest.
1 Altrincham Kersal RFC 2380.5
2 Burnage RFC 2386.3 2338.6 YES
3 Broughton Park FC 2405.1 2357.0 YES
4 Stockport RUFC 2426.2 2377.6 YES
5 Bowdon RUFC 2451.9 2402.8 NO
6 Warrington RUFC 2534.3 2483.6 NO
7 Wilmslow RUFC 2545.0 2494.1 NO
8 Kendal RFC 2607.1 2555.0 NO
9 Penrith RFC 2711.6 2657.4 NO
10 Northwich RFC 2846.3 2789.4 NO
11 Vale of Lune RUFC 2863.4 2806.1 NO
12 Birkenhead Park RFC 2980.9 2921.3 NO
13 Firwood Waterloo RFC 3007.6 2947.5 NO
14 Keswick RFC 3167.7 3104.3 NO
15 Douglas (I.O.M.) RFC 4708.7 4614.6 NO

So my GUESS at the team moving across from North 1 West to North 1 East would be one from Altrincham Kersal, Burnage, Broughton Park  or Stockport could be moved across. I've used Google Maps and the Google Apps Script driving distance calculator, the RFU use exactly the same tools.
You can see the spreadsheet tool I've used here.

The first criteria to decide between clubs with Identical Total Mileage is:-

(i) the Club(s) with the Lowest Total Mileage in their home league consistent with their Divisional and Constituent Body affiliation shall remain in that league and the other Club(s) shall be Level Transferred;

Of the teams with Identical Total Mileage to North 1 East (Altrincham Kersal, Burnage, Broughton Park, Stockport ). The table below shows their Total Mileage in their home league (North 1 West).

Total Mileage in North 1 West for teams with an Identical Total Mileage to North 1 East.
Altrincham Kersal RFC 1324.3
Broughton Park FC 1371.7
Burnage RFC 1397.2
Stockport RUFC 1457.2

I'll leave as an exercise for the reader to work out which team may be level transferred.

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