Park are promoted, probably to North 1 West. Swapping places with Rochdale and Altrincham Kersal. St Benedicts have already gone out of the league so only two will come down to SLCH 1.

For the Men.

'Park are on 100 points after the the Liverpool St Helens game and cannot be caught.

If LSH win all their games with 5 points they can get 89 points.

If Anselmians win all their games with 5 points they can get 98 points.

If Glossop win all their games with 5 points they can get 96 points.

No teams can catch 'Park. So, if there are no external problems or administrative errors like not filling the very important Match Card in correctly so that they don't incur any points deductions, then they will be promoted probably to North 1 West

The 2nd team are now safe from relegation, provided they don't incur penalty points by For instance the 3rd team conceding and the 4th team playing. Liverpool Vets can only get 58 points. 'Park 2nds will get at least 62 points provided they don't concede a game. The 2nd run in is difficult with 2 difficult away games.

The 3rds are relegated. With two games to go they can only get 37 points which is not enough.

The 4ths could still escape relegation if they win their remaining games and Burnage lose their last game. They would be level with Burnage 3 but have a marginally better head to head record.

For the Women.

Broughton Park Ladies are on 46 points (48 with bonuses) and can get 52 points.

Workington are on 44 points (45 with bonus) and can get can get 49 points.

Leigh are on 37 points and can get 45 points.

If Workington and 'Park get all their bonus points 'Park need to get at least 2 more points with 4 points available to finish top. I don't know how many teams are promoted.

They have a very difficult game at home to only beaten twice Leigh.

The big unknown with the women is whether teams retrospectively claim bonus points as Workington did. It seems unfair that with a walkover a team cannot claim a bonus point.

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