Mon 02 Jul 2018 14:17

'Park have two pre-season games at the moment. On August the 11th they play Wilmslow away. Wilmslow got a last gasp promotion in the North 1 East v North 1 West play-off by getting a last minute try away from home at Driffield. Should be an very hard test for 'Park against a North Premier (Level 5) side.

The second game is at home against Heath from Yorkshire 1 (Level 7). Heath had their own promotion aspirations last season being in the mix for a play-off place until the very late stages of the season. If things had worked out for them there was an outside possibility that they may have been in the same North 1 West league as 'Park. They would have been in the mix for a 'level transfer' over to North 1 West but Penrith who are designated a North 1 West club were moved back instead.

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