Sun 03 Mar 2019 12:51

The RFU folk who have been tasked with coming up with options for the Northern Leagues next season have come up with two options X and Y. Option Y appears to be if the Lancashire clubs come back in again. Level 6 would be split into 3 leagues. South West, North East and South East. These appear to be loose descriptions. Option X appears to be if the Lancashire Clubs do not come back in.

Option Y

North East South East South West
6 ne Aspatria 6 se Altrincham Kersal 6 sw Anselmians
6 ne Blackburn 6 se Bridlington 6 sw Birkenhead Park
6 ne Bradford & Bingley 6 se Burnage 6 sw Bowdon
6 ne Consett 6 se Cleckheaton 6 sw Broughton Park
6 ne Durham City 6 se De La Salle (Salford) 6 sw Cockermouth
6 ne Keswick 6 se Driffield 6 sw Douglas (I.O.M.)
6 ne Malton and Norton 6 se Heath 6 sw Firwood Waterloo
6 ne Northern 6 se Huddersfield Y.M.C.A. 6 sw Glossop
6 ne Percy Park 6 se Moortown 6 sw Kendal
6 ne Pocklington 6 se Morley 6 sw Manchester
6 ne Stockton 6 se Pontefract 6 sw Northwich
6 ne Vale of Lune 6 se Rochdale 6 sw Penrith
6 ne West Hartlepool 6 se Stockport 6 sw Warrington
6 ne York 6 se West Leeds 6 sw Wilmslow

Option X

North West North East
6 nw Altrincham Kersal 6 ne Blackburn
6 nw Birkenhead Park 6 ne Bradford & Bingley
6 nw Bowdon 6 ne Cleckheaton
6 nw Broughton Park 6 ne Driffield
6 nw Burnage 6 ne Durham City
6 nw Douglas (I.O.M.) 6 ne Huddersfield Y.M.C.A.
6 nw Keswick 6 ne Kendal
6 nw Manchester 6 ne Malton and Norton
6 nw Northwich 6 ne Moortown
6 nw Penrith 6 ne Morley
6 nw Stockport 6 ne Northern
6 nw Vale of Lune 6 ne Percy Park
6 nw Warrington 6 ne Pocklington
6 nw Wilmslow 6 ne York

Here is a map showing where the clubs are for the different options with different colours for each league. Click on  to see the full size map and options. If you are on a Mobile Click Here. Although it does not show up very well on a mobile. Best on a desktop machine.

Best to only view one option at a time otherwise both options show all mixed up.

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