This was a great win for the Under 15’s, and their best overall performance for over 2 years.

In the past few games we have seen glimpses of what this squad can offer but only glimpses. Against Bolton the glimpse became full-on. It was good to see Josh Menai back in the scrum. Josh has been off for the past month with a hand injury but has been turning up at training and running the line at games. It was also good to see 13 in the squad. Our 2 recent defeats being when only 10 or 11 had turned up on match day; you’re always going to struggle. And this was a great team effort.

 Firstly we didn’t  give away our traditional  try away in the first 5 minutes. Play was good on both sides. Bolton looked to be a strong side, a squad of 16 who passed the well in their backs. We have played against worst teams and lost.10 minutes still no score. When Bolton did eventually touchdown , it was on the 15th Minute. Rather ominous that they converted from near the touch line .The good news, however, was there have been some times this season that at this point in the game we have been 20 nil down.

 A close first half was finished with wave after wave of Brotoch attacks finalising as Jordan bulldozing over at close range. So the boys tucked onto their oranges at half time encourages by being only 2 points down.

Mekhi, using the aggression and speed which is a hallmark of his game broke through early doors and we  were leading. This seemed to be the catalyst to turn on the afterburners. Wave upon wave of Brotoch attack as Bolton slowly crumbled. Mekhi finished with a Hatrick , Ethan drove over from close range whilst Nathan finished off from further sustained attack. 

 So what was the difference? We fronted up. In too may games, this season,  we have let the opposition dictate the game, only coming into contention in the second half after the game has run away with us. We basically got in their face and didn’t let go. Unrelenting aggression coupled with silky skills and an intensity from start to finish. If we have this passion in future games, and a bigger squad, we will win more matches than we lose.


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